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{Sample Art Card}

This is a sample art card. To view more samples or purchase an art card set {various quantities}, simply return to the store and click one of the images showing a set of cards. Or, you can follow one of these direct links to the exact quantity of cards you would like to purchase. If you would like to purchase a different quantity, simply message me and I will follow-up with you so that any quantity can be arranged.

3-pack $30
4-pack $36
6-pack $50

All prices include shipping in the USA.
Please message me if you live outside of the USA; provide your location and I will follow-up!

~ additional details below! ~

{Sample } Art Card
{Sample } Art Card
mixed media: paper, pencil, denril, cardboard, found objects, envelopes
card: 4"x5.5" (folded) 5.5"x8" (expanded)

Important Notes:

The art cards displayed are SAMPLES of what to expect in your UNIQUE set of cards. By ordering a pack of art cards you are accepting the arrangement that I will make a special set of cards for you and you will not know what they look like until they arrive {fun surprise!}. If you are really excited about the look of any one or more of the sample cards, feel free to message me and I'll be sure to include elements in the same realm for your set.

{If you are deeply unhappy with one or more of your art cards, * of course * you can message me to return & arrange new cards. If this aesthetic unknown really causes levels of anxiety, contact me! This process is meant to be enjoyable.}